N.E. Regional Squad

The N.E. Regional Squad is one of 10 squads run by Ulster Branch and is for promising young U15 players. Although the squad is not directly linked to Coleraine and District Badminton Association most of its members are from this area. The squad meets on a Tuesday night with the first session starting at 6.30 and the later session starting at 8.00pm. Olive Wallace, Gary Henderson, Rachael Huey, Simon Curry and Shirley Jackson currently coach the squad. The list of players on the squad are shown below.

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The most important event associated with the regional squads is the Youth Games which is a competition between all the squads throughout Ulster. The N.E. Squad has been very successful in these games. Since the games began in 2000 the N.E. Squad has won in 2000, 2001 and 2002.  In 2009, the 10th anniversary of the games the Coleraine Squad were once again crowned Youth Games Champions.

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